The Best Marketing In The World


Trying to decide on which marketing method would work best for your business can have you pulling your hair out.

Aside from the overwhelming options there is also the realisation that marketing can be quite costly too!

The big surprise is that the best marketing in the world doesn’t cost you a cent in marketing fees.

Just Keep Doing What You Do…(but do it well)

As far as your customers are concerned, you do your job so well that it’s worth the journey for them to come all the way to your store. Even if they are not journeying to a store, if your customers choose to use your business above other choices, that’s a big thumbs up to you.

Furthermore,  by becoming repeat customers they are showing you that they are happy to be identified with your business and that they trust your work.

Believe it or not, that is marketing…and it’s free. What it does cost though, is your hard work!

Did you know that word-of-mouth is considered a marketing method, and quite rightly so.

Imagine searching for a service on your mobile phone. You will be given a page of search results. You would then have to sift through them, read the reviews and come to some sort of conclusion as to which is best for you.

Now just compare that with your best friend standing right in front of you, telling you what great service they received, what a great job their service centre did and… (the best part) you should go there to!

Isn’t that great marketing?

The Snowball Effect

Sure you might say, that is only one customer at a time. This is absolutely true and it is indeed a fact that through the Internet you can reach hundreds and thousands of people at a time but they don’t all automatically become customers. Even if you do just reach one customer at a time, if you look after that customer well, that seed will continue to grow in the same way.

Recently I went to a new dentist. I had not been to the dentist for ‘a long time’ because of a bad experience I had years before. I knew I couldn’t afford to leave my dental check up any longer so I made an appointment, but this time I chose a different dentist, one I had not been to before.

This dentist turned out to be so good that when I went home I told my entire family about her.  I was so happy with her care that from then on she became our new ‘family’ dentist.

Now that was a pretty quick decision to make. Not only was ‘I’ sold but my whole family was sold too.

And all it took was doing a really good job at what she did, which in this case was dentistry.

This scenario happens all the time in ALL fields of work.

Grow Well By Nurturing A Good Reputation

So if you do want to grow your business, get known for all the right reasons. Always do your very best work and people will find out about you and want to use your services.

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and every action you take in business leads towards a marketing result in some way or another…so make it a good one.

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