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Doing What They Should On Your Site

When you’re driving  car, do you ever think about how amazing it is that it’s possible for everybody to do the right thing (most of the time).

The lights turn red, and everybody stops. The lights turn green and they know that it’s time to go, so they do.

It doesn’t matter how old the person is, what their cultural background is. It doesn’t even matter whether they are usually a law abiding citizen or not. But somehow they do what the system requires of them.

Good Navigation On-Site

That is the key to a good website too. Incorporating a system that people already know. If you can make the directions for visitors on your website obvious and get them to click on the buttons that you want them to click on, then you are doing a great job.

People see a dotted line, they tear along it, they see a nick in the side of a plastic wrapper, they immediately realise that they should tear the wrapper from THAT point.

So when you set your website up you should try hard not to be ‘too’ clever. If you want to make your website different and interesting and you add your important buttons in cute places, the likelihood is that your visitor won’t notice it and will not be drawn to click on it.

Make It Simple To Follow

If however they saw a box that said, name, and another that said email:, I am quite sure it would be obvious to them as to what they should do.

So the lesson here is just that ‘simple is best’. If you have a creative mind it can be tempting to add all that creativity to your website design but really you would be doing yourself a favour if you could hold that creativity back.

When a visitor comes to your website there is a set style that they are expecting to see. They expect to find a menu at the top of your site. They expect to be able get to the home page from any page on the site. Don’t disappoint them.

Your visitors will want to know what will happen if they click on a certain link that you have on your page. Don’t give them any surprises, tell them where they will be heading if they click on your link, it will make them less apprehensive and more likely to take action.

Red -Yellow-Green

Don’t change the order of the lights.

Keep the stop at the top and the go at the bottom and they will be able to find their way around your site without even trying.

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