Jacob – Hairdresser

Interview with Jacob Myung – Hairdresser

Jacob is an inspired entrepreneur who has opened his own hair and beauty salon in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Jacob is a hairdresser who has passion for his work.  In fact, I see him more as an artist than a hairdresser. His passion for his art has taken him to superstardom in Japan where he has performed many hair demonstrations in front of large crowds of more than 3,000 people at a time.

He has won multiple awards there and with one particular award he also received a very special gift, a unique pair of double-scissors that I have seen him demonstrate his extraordinary skills with.

Real-Life Edward Scissor-Hands

Jacob, originally from South Korea initially trained in his home country then went on to improve his skills and knowledge in the UK and in Japan. He also had a very successful business of his own, employing 15 staff members back in his homeland.

In his job as a professional hairdresser there are many instances where people will come into the salon without a concrete idea of what they want to do with their hair. They almost expect him to know what they would want.  To determine what would suit his customer’s needs best Jacob explains that he must become a good listener.

Being of Assistance To His Customers Needs

He said that when a person asks for his opinion on a style he would first have a conversation with the client to ascertain what they really want. He assesses their face shape, skin and skin colour; then he takes into consideration other aspects such as  age, character and anything else that he may feels are useful in making valid suggestions.

During our interview I saw that hairdressing was more than a job to Jacob and that he had a genuine concern for the needs of his clientele. With his skills and knowledge Jacob has trained many hairdressers where he had once been a trainee himself. He feels confident in his ability to train others in the art of hairdressing and aims to one day set up his own hairdressing institute here in Australia.

Jacob’s Future Business Goals

Although Jacob now has his own hairdressing salon business, for him this is not yet his end goal. Jacob aims to train more employees to understand his own concepts of care and precision so that he can create a dynamic team that can be exceptional within its peer industry.