How To Make Your Quiet Times More Productive

ZZZ-$Hey, how’s business going?

Not bad. Just a bit slow at the moment. It used to make me worry, just not knowing ‘when’ it is going to slow down.

But now I don’t mind it being a bit quiet every now and then because I use my business history to predict ‘when’ it is going to be quiet. This gives me the ability to plan that time better. Then I can make it productive so that it isn’t  wasted time.

Yeah! But what could you do to be productive if you have no work?

Well, that’s the point. I do still have a business. It just happens to be one of those times where work is quiet. Sure I wouldn’t be making money ‘at that moment’ but at the same time, I could be organising things or doing something worthwhile that will make my working time more effective.

Like what?

I could upgrade my marketing campaigns that could be enhanced or developed to create more interest for potential clients, or I could work on my email campaigns, things that are productive to my business future.

So it’s all work and no play?

Not at all, but if I know that there won’t be much work at a certain time of the year, I could decide that it would be a good time of year to take a family holiday. We could go away for a trip or even just appreciate the slow period for reading and gardening at home. You know, it’s just as important to be able to relax, as it is to work.

As far as work productivity, there’s heaps of stuff I can think of doing. I could go to my accountant to revise my finances and perhaps even make some big business and financial decisions for the year ahead that require a bit of thinking time.

If I don’t have my tax papers ready I could even use these times to create my tax spreadsheet. That would be a really good use of time instead of trying to squeeze all that work of inputting data at a time when I am really busy on the day to day running of my business.

Shouldn’t you really be out chasing clients?

Not really, if my business is well-organised it would portray better as a professional service. It also helps me to do my work better when I am working. I would be able to portray myself in a better professional light, rather than running around trying to catch my next client.

Getting the word out there of what I do, takes time and effort. So I have to make time for that. After all, if you don’t spend any time doing that, no-one will even understand what I have to offer.

So I do have to promote my service, but it’s not selling services every time. Sometimes it can be just a straightforward ‘Hey this is what we’ve got’, just letting you know, if you need our services, we’re here!”

Short and sweet, I like it