Book Promotions

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No. 5 – In Bestsellers list

If you have written a book and want to find a good way to get exposure, Amazon is the place to be. It has all of the tools available for you to make the most of presenting your book, developing your author platform, promoting your book and zoning in on your ideal target audience.

The biggest book platform on the planet – Amazon

It is no exaggeration but Amazon can offer you the best opportunity to expose your book to the world. With their Kindle KDP Direct market, Amazon can literally present your book to millions of people around the globe. This can give you incredible exposure both as a new author and as a seasoned author.

Using search engine optimization, not that different to what you would do on Google, you have the chance to place your book in a highly noticeable position that gives you the best chance to get sales and visibility.

Create Your Paperback Book

Amazon is not just a platform to present your book. It offers the tools that you need to produce your ebooks and even your paperback books. Its associated business, Create Space is set up to help you turn your ebook into a ‘real’ paperback book.

What a dream!

If you are an author and you have been struggling to get a publisher to take you seriously, you can stop grovelling to them and get to work on Create Space.

With their ‘print on demand’ system, you do not even need to pay anything upfront to get your book published. You simply upload the book file and cover file, then whenever somebody buys your book from the online store at they also have the option of purchasing the paperback version. If they do purchase the hardcopy book, it is printed from a digital file, bound and trimmed. This perfectly produced paperback book is sent straight off to the customer and you collect your commision – no upfront fees to you. Isn’t this the perfect solution for self-publishing authors.

If this is your dream and you need some help, contact Eva Zonnios at