When we have a problem at work it tends to have a run-on effect in our home life. This can also be said to be true when a success at work can make us feel happy and inspired.

In this case, we can take that happiness home with us and create a positive vibe that will have a healthy effect on our home and family environment.

happy work staff are healthierSuccess Gives us Vitality

It is not enough to have a one-off event of success to change the deep emotions that can make us feel good or bad. It takes a continuous notion of how we feel about ourselves and much of that can be generated in our workplace.

If you are an employer, it is worth noting that employees who have advanced skills but feel the lack of self-worth at work can show signs of depression. This is not something that the employer can, (or has to) take the responsibility for, but it can be something that is good to be aware of.

Employees that lack the feeling of self-worth can be made to feel better by simple acknowledgements of their efforts (especially when they exceed what is directly required of them in their work). The effect that this simple gesture can have on the life of the staff member can be astronomical.

To make this simple effort even more worthwhile, it not only has the capability of changing the happiness factor for that staff member but also the lives of everyone in their family home through their happier and more positive disposition.

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