Your Staff Are Treasures In Your Business


Give and Take, NOT  ‘take first’…

These are not just words because they mean so much when a business is dumping their treasured staff overboard, showing no concern for the hard work or effort that the person had given to the company.

No matter how good a name any business holds, it is very hard to progress if it has people in the works that are not committed to the further good of the company.

Besides, a good name doesn’t only come from the customers these days. With the advent of Social Media, many employees that have felt hard done by or treated worthlessly at work are not keen on keeping quiet about it.


No-One Can Hide With Social Media

They don’t have to even go to the media anymore. All they need to do is complain online, (usually after they have been ruthlessly dismissed).

It doesn’t take too long for the complaint of a begrudged employee to sit alongside the companies name in the Google responses for that company name… down goes that ‘good name’ for your brand.

But looking after your staff is not just about your brand, it’s about YOU as the business owner, investor or manager; it’s about YOUR true interest and what YOU are really about.

Is it just money, regardless of the effects that your actions have on the lives of the people that have been involved in the overall design of your business?

Being ‘The BOSS’

If you are a ‘boss’ (in any of the terms previously described) and you want to gain happiness for yourself, work on making sure your staff are happy. The positive results will come back to you.

Of course, business has to go much further than emotions, but there are tangible results to look forward to as well. Happy staff are more productive, they take more of an active role in looking after the interest of the company and they feel that their effort is worthwhile so they are willing to step up the pace if required.

Businesses rarely decline through bosses being good to their staff, but there are many cases of failed small businesses through ruthlessness.

One more thing, do not take ‘failed’ or ‘succeeding’ as being financial words alone, but words that describe the beingness of the business or the business owner.


Let’s work together to achieve more…