Don’t Eat That! It’s Poison


It’s amazing how blind we can be willingly blind to such simple truths. Things that previously required no explanation because its effects to our health were so blatantly obvious they would need no explanation. Things like… sugar.

Our Fateful Food Culture

Sugar is so embedded in today’s food culture that it barely crosses our minds to stop and think about how much we are having. Recently I watched an incredible eye-opening documentary called The Sugar Film, that was entertainingly presented by Damon Gameau.

With due respect to other recent writers and producers on this topic, I understand that Damon Gameau is not the first person around to bring light to this problem of death by sugar. But, I must admit I have never chosen to either read or watch any of it because I was already convinced that I would not change my sweet tooth ways.

My Trusted My Friend

So why would I bother now? The answer is simple, a friend of ours loaned us the DVD to watch, preferably as a family. Unfortunately, the children were not interested in seeing it but my husband and I did watch the whole thing.

The effect that it had on our eating habits altered by the time we had finished watching it, (and consequently our family’s eating habits too.)

As a presenter of health and wellbeing, one of our responsibilities is to educate and inform our audience. The point is that people are already listening to you. You already have a voice that people are tuned into.

This is power. Real power.

Up until recently, the mega-chains had the power to force our beliefs, now we can take hold of that handle and force it back onto them.

As a professional within the industry of health and wellness, we have to look further than our own business and think, while this person is listening to me from my professional status, I have the opportunity to let them see something that they really need to know.

The idea is not to indoctrinate them to form your opinion, but give them the tools they need to be better informed so that they have the true choice of forming their own opinions from a more knowledgeable perspective.

Let’s Save The World – One Person At A Time

Through the simple action of recommending a specific book or movie title to a client or patient, you reinforce the choice they have in knowing the truth about underlying things can affect their health.

It takes a holistic combination of factors to fine tune our overall health. By putting people in touch with accurate and well-researched information, you are making a huge contribution to the health of the world.