Selling Learning Products Online – Part 1

The basic steps to setting-up learning programs online begin in the same way as any sales process, getting leads.

You have to begin with collecting leads, following up with those leads and then moving on from there. Remember that if you already have people that you have served on your lists already, you can focus your marketing efforts on referrals and repeat business.

Collect Your Potential Customers

Even though your potential customer may not be ready to buy yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sign them up. In fact, this pre-sale time is vital in giving your client the time to get to know you and understand what you are about ahead of the sale.

There are plenty of things that you can do that will be beneficial to people that do sign up ahead of time. Then when the time is right, or when they feel more confident in making that purchase from you, you will still be available to them and you will be in their mind in the choices they have for their solution.

Give Them What They Want

To begin collecting leads, you can offer a valuable resource that relates to your target market. Make sure that it is something that relates well to your market and that it is something that will be a big help to them.

This first product is called a lead-magnet and it is what you use to get people to pre-qualify themselves as a would-be customer (or at least as a ‘could-be).

After they are in your loop, you can present them with a low-price offer, eg. a $17 product. If they purchase, they become a hot lead because they have shown their commitment to improving their study scores by accepting this low-barrier offer.

Now you can nurture them over time by sending them information about the topic of interest. To do this you can send:

  • Links to your blog posts,

  • Giving them updates on your product development,

  • Sending free PDF’s that assist them in some way,

  • Even ask your audience what they need help with and use that information to guide your options of what to send.